Thursday, 6 December 2012

Baking Paper and Pins.

Obviously, I am painting.
So, I've been dallying away from the blog recently - but I have a good excuse.
Well, maybe not a good one, but an efficiently lazy one:

I've been busy.

"Stills" is my latest concept in the studio for the upcoming third year show in January (huzzah for Christmas, a great asset to the inevitable sugar-fuelled all nighters).

Working from last year's project, I have decided to develop the screen grabs into their own work, rather than use them to compile my portraits (see 'Conversations').

Ingredients include:

Baking Paper, Blank White Paper,
0.5 Technical Pencil, Watercolour set,
Pins (approx 2cm), Velcro Tabs
Mount Board, Spraymount,
Scalpel, Metal Rule, Cutting Mat.

So far, they look a little something like this:

Which is fab. I really hope that, using such delicate materials and subtle mark making I can encourage the viewers to step closer and examine each frame in its own right, while remaining in context with the original timeframe. 
People seemed to be intrigued by the fluttering paper and aesthetic quality of the presentation (squee!) Which is exactly the aim! 
The shadow is essential to define the frames as physical entities, 
freed from the video reel.

 Only 59 more to go... 

(then redoing the ones which have gotten scuffed on the way)...

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