Thursday, 8 November 2012

Charity Auction: A Private Show

It's seven on the dot, and Artsite has opened its doors, 
champagne and smiles at the ready!

Straight away I'm off, nosing around for work I haven't seen yet. 
There is a diverse range of brilliant local artists showing their work, a handful of Swindon, Oxford Brooke's students including:
and of course, myself.

The proceeds from the auction will all go to the Swindon Carer's Fund, it's a great feeling that our artwork can take part in raising money for a good cause, as well as get a taste for curation and event planning in the future.

I liked this particular handling of the larger canvas's and frames: using easels well worn in paint and splatters tied in nicely to the finished works and white cube environment of the show.

It's also handy for framing the titles and business cards underneath their respective works;
as well as making the placement of works easier to re-arrange at any moment.

The presence of the standing easels adds to the work itself having a presence in the room, but not so much that it detracts from the image itself.

I always look out for this:
how does the artist sign their work?
Tonight, I found an ornately painted ceramic stamp by 
bold, detailed, yet it tied in with this particular subject very well. 

It's a great cause with some wonderful artworks;
please join us on the 12th November and 
take part in a wonderful evening of Italien food, 
brilliant local art all towards a worthy cause!

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