Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Eggs, blobs, dough, orbs, goblets, balloons...?
I'm not so sure. 
I created a miniature colony of these organisms, who balance, cluster, or sit alone. 
Hiding in the shade between two lockers, camouflaged against primer paint,
with a post it not instruction for passer's by: "play"

These little critters encourage a quiet doodling for anyone intrigued, an essential exercise for art students. Aimless playing with no rules or agendas for five minutes, one minute, thirty seconds.
It's really engaging to pass by and notice one or two have clustered together, rearranged or drifted across the surface.

Open to interaction.

Monday, 8 October 2012

why am I drawing like this

There is a lot of conversation in artwork.
A lot to say about the relationship of perspective, 
of the viewers perception, of flatness and objectivity:

For the last year, 
I spent my practice drawing out 
tactile work from an intangible, online realm; 

creating compositions 
from our perspective 
through its lens...
the framing device 
of the monitor screen, 
abstracting our own forms 
from our fleshy reality.

So re-create a tactile side - 
so make a reformation of the input.

I like doing it so much I might
want to change the subject.

offer a more direct exchange...
of material on material,

like gestures of charcoal or pen, 
of pencil or paint,

expressive, fragmented, sensitive marks.

the back and forth of marks on a page,
a growing form of the abstracted humanoid
I want to find niches in the real world again.
Its like swapping the glass screen for baking paper,
its like switching the Hi def. for analogue,
its like swapping the mac for an apple.

it just tastes better...
my charcoal is licking marks along
the rough handmade paper;
who rolls along, just casually,
puffing dark dust clouds with
a sharp rustic smell. 
the smell,
its pretty meets pressure, its figments in friction, 
pulling out these liquid hints
I just keep finding it exquisite
how the delicate seems to grow into 
such scrambling, gestral branches, 
thickening its roots until something starts to bloom,
starts to breathe.