Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Render the News

Render is sadly closing today, but it was lovely hearing so much feedback and even get into the local newspaper.
The experience has been great for professional practice, as well as curating, advertising and well, everything else.

For everyone who came and enjoyed the show, as well as the artists of Artsite, thanks this has been a great learning curve for our upcoming shows in the summer!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Render, day one


This is the recent work of six third year students,
 studying for a BA in Fine Art with Drawing at Swindon College.
Render is an interim group show hosted by Artsite at the Post Modern Gallery 
from Saturday 19th to Wednesday 23rd January 2013.
Some work is for sale. Please contact the artists directly for more information. 

Janice Botterill

Investigating the value and meaning of activity, work and effort; referencing her past and continuing work in office and administrative environments, Janice Botterill's practice is an attempt to explore the alchemy of art and artists - when and how are everyday actions transformed into art and artistic practice?


 Lee Carter (blog link here)

Lee has worked with paper manipulation before, during her access year. Turning paper into water were the first steps she took, creating waterfalls, waves and whirlpools from this media.

For this current exhibition, Lee has been attempting to connect to her familial past, recreating the image of her 
great grandmother with the use of the humble sewing needle on paper instead of a pencil. 

The mark making tools Lee utilises are slightly invasive compared to a standard HB, but the results achieved are 
far more ethereal and fragile.

Kerry Gault

Online media has shaped a new, normalised point of view. 
As internet-based tools influx the everyday, 
this new virtual realm demands artistic acknowledgement, 
to be interpreted like any other facet of the human condition. 

Kerry’s practice asks; 
how might we express this new world through art?
Through drawing, painting and sculptural forms, 
she aims to recompose fragments of the ethereal,
digital world into tactile entities. 

To translate the instant, easy and mechanised, 
back into the measured, laborious, and innate.

Jemma Gunning

Jemma's Practice is primarily process based with illusionistic qualities of landscape.  An investigation of a place where the atmosphere, emotion and experience excites her is where her practice starts.

She produces suggestive work with an element of trace, which recalls and records her memory. 

Process is significant, it allows her to respond and reflect, translating predominantly into drawing and print making. This enables her to concentrate on surface quality delivering strong, expressive, varied mark making characteristics.


Jeff Pigott 

Jeff has returned to study fine art after many years working in graphic design and on community arts projects. 

His recent work is characterised by a spirit of experimentation and an exploration of materials and the processes of making art. 

He endeavours to bring elements of fragility and rawness to his work through the use of both traditional and discarded materials such as; old photographs, household paint, varnishes and various cement based products. 

This method of working has resulted in the large drawings and concrete sculptures exhibited as part of Render.


Jake Stark (blog link here)

We can never see reality directly: all we can ever know are the guesses or interpretations our minds create about what is going on. Influenced by colour-blindness, Jake explores perception and the mapping of space and thought through line, threading together the material and ephemeral in both 2D and 3D.


Together we hope to create an interesting, exciting debut as BA Hons. Fine Artists.
Please join us this week; find all the information at our event page.