Wednesday, 3 October 2012


My boyfriend found a long lost friend in my book today...

No! It wasn't a goddess or unfortunate protagonist from ancient times
(that'd be cool though)

but it was something unworldly and mythical all of his own:
My creature, Felix
this little beaut' was a part of my related drawing practice for university last year - and I was convinced I had left it on the bus after school was out for the summer, as I couldn't find it anywhere until today!
(Honestly think  I checked this book already...)
So, I guess my book has a new, modern moral in its pages:
If you're going to keep your work safe in your favourite book, 
make sure a sneaky piece of blu tack doesn't stick it face down to the inside of the cover - 
because if you're as  selectively unobservant as I seem to be,
 you will cause yourself a lot of grief and effort looking  for it everywhere else! 

But yes, this is just one more addition to my creatures collection. I feel extra motivated to start creating more.

...might invest in a secure portfolio for them first though.