Sunday, 6 January 2013

Final year

New year is a week in.
My bank account is fluctuating up and down
and I have been blissfully ignorant of everything,
nose to book,
eye to photography,
mouse button to video game...

...erm... dissertation, I mean. Dissertation.

Research is like a tree.

You start uncovering one part of the foundation,
identifying the roots of something you're interested in...

...soon enough, you find yourself entrenched underneath it all,
or hanging very suddenly by a frail and totally off topic branch at the top somewhere.

 Focusing is hard for me. Really, drawing conquers this fractured attention span because you always move, make and change as you progress through the work.

But when I have all the information, when I'm compiling the words and relevant factoids,
its sort of like someone spilt the marbles in the jam,
which dolloped onto an unfinished jigsaw,
then threw the tinsel in for funsies.

It's shiny, messy, useless and distracted. But full of stuff I like.

This years mantra:
Be focused, stay calm.
Be calm, stay focused.

Silliness aside, I hope it works.
Good luck and best wishes to everyone on their own new years resolution, promises, goals and the like.

:) x

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