Thursday, 4 April 2013


"Die Orestie des Aischylos"
Dennis Scholl 
2012 (207 x 150 cms) 

 This work is one of two large scale pieces currently on show at the Visual Arts Gallery's drawing exhibition. Scholl seems to be composing a narrative within a single drawing, 
using very refined tonal qualities in his shading. There is a good use of balance across the form, which draws the eye in and around again and again.
This is something I can really take on board for my own compositions as I found that the A2 drawing became too overwhelming, I need to find a way of balancing the separate forms through shading, erasing and possibly embellishing the background shading, as Scholl as done here. Is that relevant to my subject, however? I don't think so, but I can incorporate this into some experimental drawings.

Seunghyun Lee's exciting adaptations of "The Creation of Adam" also resonates with my work...foliage transformed into humanoid limbs. Again large scale, playing minute details within grand compositions to offer a versatile close up and stood back engagement.
This is a common feature, along with drawings ability to spontaneously transform observed forms into new ideas.
These works, admittedly, give me mixed feelings. First, I'm a little deflated to find work seemingly similar to my own concepts, especially at such a advanced level from my own. Secondly, I am inspired, knowing the full extent that my ideas could reach, the potential. Thirdly, and most important is the power drawing truly has in artistic practice. Contemporary artwork needs more examples of this truly versatile medium in its gallery walls.

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