Sunday, 10 February 2013

Reflections on the interim Exhibition at Artsite

How did the gallery context impact your work?

Removing our works from the studio space changed the impact they had.
By eliminating the walls and noise level, by changing the lighting and colour scheme, the gallery space allowed the works to stand on their own quietly, to take on more dominance of the space.
Working around the gallery, rather than my studio working around me, definitely affected the reading of my work.
The negative impact was the space I used didn’t allow for floor level hanging. Although the lower levels were easy to view, the height of the work couldn’t be effectively engaged with.
I knew this might happen, but was pleased to find people interacting with the lower tiers, leading them to decipher the whole body for themselves. This exposed the importance of space to my work (which, really ties into the very subject matter, and only confirms the preference to display it on ground level to the viewers).

On reflection, was the show curated well?

Bring your elbow grease and cleaning supplies ...
...for an interim white cube gallery!
With three days of intense cleaning, we hung all of the work within two days. The hardest part was the preparation, whilst, as a group and as individuals, the placement of work was quickly negotiated.

When place together, our works communicated in many ways, sharing a balanced array of qualities...

...texture and weight...

- - - - - -

...tonal quality...

- - - - - -

...and size.

...Not to mention how the works communicated with each other through their layout.

With six in the group, working in the space we had, we found ample room to display our works independently and connect to one another at the same time. The placement and assortment of sculpture, hanging work, drawings and shelved works allowed visitors to continually move through and around the dark and light.

This moving framework guided many people in a standard 8, tailing of to their own preferred works. 

What key responses did you gauge from your viewers, including your peers?

Of all the feedback recorded we had two negative comments, which were light remarks upon the ‘lack of colour’ within the room. Otherwise, many found the work unexpectedly challenging and interesting, offering a variety of drawing disciplines in an un-overwhelming way.

What specific strengths will you take forward to develop into your final major project and what weaknesses will you eliminate?

The concept of 'stills' was very well received and insightful.
Informed from this experience, I aim to recreate 'stills' for the final show. Next time, I will realise the use of space needed to allow viewers fuller interaction with the work.
Also, I will have fewer works on show, that I might better gauge how and why they should be placed.
At the interim show, I had intended to test how each of the works would be received, despite this causing the wall to become rather crowded. It was risky for the show, but for the long term gave me better insight into curating tactics as well as multiple methods of hanging works.
Having done this, I can now confidently move forward with works I feel interested in developing for the next show.

See you in three months time!

- - - - - -

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